Maco Go 2: The Smallest Apple Watch Fast Charger

Created by Hellomaco / Three1Design

World's first truly on-the-go Apple Watch charger. Supports fast charging for Apple Watch Series 7, 8 and Ultra. MFi certified.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Backerkit Survey
3 months ago – Fri, Feb 24, 2023 at 03:35:57 AM

Hello backers,

Hope you are doing well!

If you were around for our last Kickstarter campaign, you probably know the drill. But for those who are new or need a refresher, here is what is going to happen between now and you receiving your rewards:

By next week, we will send every backer an email containing a link to a BackerKit survey. That email will come from the address "[email protected]" and it will be sent to the email address on your Kickstarter account. The setup of survey has been completed and reviewed by BackerKit. In fact some of you would have received the survey. It is part of the smoke test where a small batch of backers will receive the survey first so we can iron out any potential issues before sending it out to everyone.

When you get the survey, you will be able to:

1. Tell us where you want your rewards shipped

2. Choose which add-on items you want (if you added them during the campaign)

3. Add-on additional Maco Go 2 to your reward shipment (at Kickstarter-only prices)

4. Add-on other Hellomaco products to your reward shipment (at a special discount)

When you fill out your survey, you will have a few weeks to update it (if you change your address or decide to order more gear). Once we are ready to ship, we will lock down all survey responses and import your info into our shipping system. We will send out an update before we finalize your reward selections and charge cards for any add-on purchases or pledge upgrades.

We are working with the manufacturer on the official MFi certification before we start the tooling production. Hopefully we will have some preliminary product pictures to show by end of April. Will keep you posted along the way. 


We will never stop thanking you for your support. We could not ask for better customers, and we are going to do our best to get these new products to your doorstep prompt.

Until that happens, have a great day and stay safe!

Loke + Jim and the Three1Design team


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We are funded! What's next?
4 months ago – Mon, Jan 30, 2023 at 05:41:06 AM

1100% funded, 1230 backers

 As a natural extension from our successful Maco Go, it is important for us to make sure Maco Go 2 brings the extra value that backers actually need. During the front end design, internally we had a long debate about switching to MFi as it requires high MOQ and more than triple our product cost. Eventually we decided to go for it, as it is only way to achieve fast charging, on top of the Apple certified quality parts.  

After a 40 days campaign, our Maco Go 2 campaign is now officially concluded. We are grateful for your continued support, all 1230 of you. Thank you!!!

Fulfillment surveys (BackerKit) in the next few weeks

For those of you who are first-timers to Kickstarter, you may be thinking "ok, what now?" Well, for the next few weeks, you don't need to do anything. Sit back and relax. In a few weeks (sometime in Mar/Apr) we'll send out a fulfillment survey to the email you registered with Kickstarter. In those surveys you will be able to do the following:

1. Tell us where you want your rewards shipped (it needs to be the same country you chose in the pledge).

2. Choose which add-on items you want.

3. Add-on other Hellomaco products to your reward shipment (at a special discount).

We send those surveys out using a service called BackerKit. When we send out the surveys, we will post another update here as a reminder. 

What if I missed the campaign?

After our Kickstarter campaign has finished, we have some who reached out that they have missed out on the pledging period. You can still pre-order from our website at Hellomaco. Fret not, you are our priority and we want to be fair to you who have backed us earlier on Kickstarter. The pre-order will have a later delivery date and also the prices are higher than the Kickstarter prices that you have pledged.

When will stuff ship?

We expect to ship all rewards in Jun 2023. We are working to reduce the lead time and if there is any good news we will share it in future updates.

Besides, in case your payment didn't go through, Kickstarter will contact you about it. There is usually a 7 days grace period to amend it. More info here for your reference.

Thank you,

Loke + Jim

Funded in 90 minutes – Thank you!
5 months ago – Thu, Dec 22, 2022 at 04:51:13 PM

Merry Christmas!

Three years since we launched the first Maco Go, we thought it will be great if we can refresh the project to support fast charging for the latest series of Apple Watch. However, it was easier said than done as we find the Apple Watch charger requires MFi-certified parts to have access to fast charging.  We then took more than 6 months to engage the qualified suppliers, prototyping, refine, and most importantly convince ourselves that the threefold product cost is worth it. Sure enough, 90 minutes after launch, we are funded! Since then we have gone from strength to strength, reaching over 450% funded as of update time. We are overwhelmed by your continuous support to make Maco Go 2 a reality.

Maco Pouch + Carabiner shipping fee

We made a mistake with the shipping fee for Maco Pouch + Carabiner add-on. It is supposed to be FOC, but we input $4 instead. However, since there are already pledges on the item, the Kickstarter system prevents us from correcting it. To compensate for the extra shipping fee, we will include an additional Maco Pouch + Carabiner into the add-on. In other words, you will get TWO Maco Pouch + Carabiner for the add-on. We also understand that you would prefer a refund of the $4 shipping fee instead, for that if you can direct message us or email us at [email protected], we will process a refund for you after the campaign ends. Our apology for the inconvenience.

Thank you!

There's still a long campaign ahead, we look forward to continuing to stay in touch with you as we celebrate new milestones and share more updates.

Loke + Jim